Recharge Station for Nintendo Wii

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  • Includes two battery packs
  • Fully charges in just 4 hours
  • Up to 15hrs of playtime per pack
  • Accomodates MotionPlus Accessory
  • Plugs into your Wii's USB port

Product Details

Product Description

This station includes TWO battery packs, allowing you to keep playing instead of sitting on the sidelines due to a dead remote. Each lithium-polymer battery pack provides up to 15 hours of power, and recharges in just four hours. As a result, you can game all day and charge while you sleep. And to save time and effort, you can charge a Wii remote with or without a MotionPlus accessory attached. Indicator lights glow red when packs are charging and turn blue when they are finished so you can quickly keep track of the progress. The dual-bay station connects to any standard USB port using the included power cable.

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