Top games for Mac 2015

When someone talks about gaming consoles, they would often think of the Xbox One, the Playstation 4, and the WiiU. However, no one would really say that the Mac is also a perfect medium for players to enjoy their gaming experience and there is a good reason for it. As Mac is a more expensive unit and has different settings than with the PC, game developers thought best for profit to not make too much Mac games.

Is Mac doomed in gaming forever?

That is not completely true as in some ways as Mac is catching up with the latest games PC has to offer. Games like Tomb Raider and Tower Fall: Ascension is just a few games that Mac has integrated into their system. And, you can expect that there will be more fun games just waiting for you to add in the coming year of 2015!

If you are a fan of the Mega Man series and were hoping to play it with your son one day on your Mac notebook, then you are in luck! There was Kickstarter that started in a game that is called Mighty No. 9, which let you experience the fun you had when you were once playing Mega Man! Enjoy playing as Beck, an android who has to defeat his fellow Mighty Numbers units who were all controlled by computer virus. Without a doubt, this is one action-platform game you shouldn’t miss out!

If you are not into action games, why not play in the levels of puzzles and brain teasers? If these are the type of games that you would enjoy, then Book of the Unwritten Tales is the best 2015 Mac for you! Enjoy the fun of being four different characters as you solve all of the puzzles given to you. From kids to adults will have a great time playing this kind of game.

Feel that is a bit too childish for you? Then you might want to try out the game Armello, role-playing, strategy, board video game that lets you pick a character that will help you save the Kingdom of Armello from the corrupted king. And, don’t worry if you think this game is dark as the characters you are playing as are all animals. So, everyone in the family can enjoy watching you play and save the Kingdom of Armello!

Sounds exciting, right? But, don’t get down just because they are not out of the market for you to play yet. Just the other current Mac games you can find. And, who knows? You might find a game that you will stick with for a long time.

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